The world's first contemporary African Art Fair
13-16 March 2008, Sandton Convention Centre, Johannesburg
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Artlogic produces high-end art events for an international stage by partnering with corporate sponsors.  These partnerships have been mutually beneficial as Artlogic secures production budget through branding rights while the sponsor is able to communicate to their clients in a tactile manner.  Examples of these events produced by Artlogic have been William Kentridge’s 9 Films for Projection, sponsored by Standard Bank in South Africa and Bloomberg in New York; The Magic Flute, sponsored by Rand Merchant Bank.  Artlogic market research has shown that 96% of those surveyed associated RMB with the Magic Flute. 

Building on the success of one off projects, Artlogic has now expanded this business model into annual events.   Through the growth of an annual event into a powerful brand the full marketing potential of the one off event is actualized, enabling the establishment of sustainable audiences.  By acting as a conduit between business and cultural entities, Artlogic has opened up new markets and cultural audiences beyond the reach of traditional marketing tools.

The first of Artlogic annual events will be the Joburg Art Fair sponsored by First National Bank - the first contemporary art fair in Africa.

The Joburg Art Week is another Artlogic brand, created to give visitors to the Joburg Art Fair a full program and to offer other art practitioners an audience they would otherwise not get.

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