The world's first contemporary African Art Fair
13-16 March 2008, Sandton Convention Centre, Johannesburg
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The First Joburg Art Fair takes place in the heart of the Sandton Central Management District (SCMD). 22 Major galleries are selling work in a traditional art fair set up covering 5000 square meters of the Sandton Convention Center. Special Projects for 2008: FUNDA Community College, Tonic design and artist Robin Rhode. Extending the representation of African contemporary artists at the art fair is As You Like It, a curated show by Simon Njami. A Talks program will focus on collecting African contemporary art and the place of the art fair in the city. The Art Fair and the Talks form part of Artlogic's Joburg Art Week.

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contact   Thurs 13 March:    
  18:00 Private opening night of the fair  
  Fri 14 March:    


Press Briefing  

11:00- 20:00

Fair opening hours  


Guided tour by Carol Brown (meet at information desk)  


Guided tour Simon Njami (As you like it)  


Guided tour Robin Rhode  

Sat 15 March:

Plan your week   10:00- 20:00 Fair opening hours  
  14:00- 18:00 Lectures at Alexander Theatre, Braamfontein  

14:00- 18:00

75% student discount  
    21:00 Joburg Art Fair party  
    Sun 16 March:    

10:00- 16:00

Fair opening hours